Does he just want to be friends?

I met this guy on an online dating site. We went on a coffee date, and it went really well. We talked for a two hours straight, and we've been exchanging paragraph-long texts since then. We had dinner tonight, and then wandered around a bookstore for a bit, and he helped me find a backpack for my upcoming trip overseas. Insisted I use his discount, which was nice.
Again, the date went well and everything. We talked a lot, and laughed a lot. But it all just seemed kind of... friendly. I initiated an awkward hug before I got in my car (broke the touch barrier, haha), and that was it. I'm not a flirty person at all (at least not in the typical cutesy, giggly way), so I dunno, maybe it's my fault if he's getting the wrong vibe from me. But he hasn't seemed to flirt at all (although he could flirt with teasing and sarcasm, like I do), I pay for everything myself (not that I really mind), and he hasn't made any move to hug me or anything, which is why I did it. At the same time though, he really wanted to pick me up before dinner tonight. I wasn't comfortable with that, so I drove myself, but he was pretty eager to do it.
SO I dunno. Is this seeming like it's heading towards being more of a friend thing?


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  • No. He's just shy. Go ahead and make the first move!


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