I need crush advice?

This really hot guy recently started talking to me on Facebook and he says hi everytime we walk past eachother, should i talk to him more an hang out with him?


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  • This sounds like an obvious yyyyessss


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  • Am!!!, actually you should talk him more than hi. For example, asking his hometown, job, hobby or family, But not overdo because some people don't like asking them many questions. To have a good communication, you should talk him positively. If you've seen him through photos on fb, you should talk about his appearance. And also about your hobby, you should talk. If both of you have the same hobby or ambition or kind of music, you can have close communication with him. Moreover, if you can, you should show that you believe him. But to tell that you believe him, the most important thing is that you do believe him.
    Good Luck!!

    • Thank you so much but i already know geals about him !

    • So, you can share about his hobby, ambition and so on. For example, if he wanna be a sailor, u can ask him why he wanna be a sailor and your thoughts of his opinions. Like that, you will be more friendly.

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