Please someone help. Never been in this situation with a girl I actually love. She's so confusing?

So I was dating this girl for 3 months. We had a fall out we didn't speak for 5 days. She comes back to me telling me that she hates me not being in her life at all that she would at least want a friendship. I say ok. We go out to dinner and she tells me one of her coworkers likes her and she likes him too. She also says her feelings for me have not gone away. She said the first thing that attracted her to the coworker is how much he reminds her of me. I started to be a little bit distant and I notice she is bothered by it. She gets jealous when I talk about other girls or see pictures of me with other girls. She gets bothered because I stopped saying good morning. Today she texted me saying "feel free to text me good morning or something? Just throwing that out there" and if I don't text her back at night she responds with "well I'm going to sleep now ok good night". What confuses me is that if she tells me I'm just a friend and she's dating this other guy now why give me all this crap. She asked me to take her to an appointment of hers and I said yes but I fell asleep before work (I work graveyard shift) and she texted me good night and we'll I was asleep and she texted me I asked my mom to take me it's okay you don't have to take me anymore. I mean really? I mean don't get me wrong I do want to be with her but I can't be just an option!. What can I do? I know it's complicated as hell but she means a lot to me. Her whole family loves me and that's something I want in a relationship. A healthy relationship with the family but her dating the other guy and she acting like that kind of confuses me. Oh and she keeps me involved in some of her family stuff and sometimes holds my hand. I know I'm a fool.


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  • Get away while you can. Woman like this are vampires, they'll suck the life out if you.

    • I got away from her already. And I feel a lot better after leaving on my own terms!

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  • i think that maybe she is confused as to what she feels.. i mean if she said that she liked the other guy because he reminds her of you it can only mean that she likes you more.. she wants your attention and that why she is bothered when you dont text her or something.. its really complicated though and i think you should ask her directly or test her:) good luck

    • Yeah that's what I'm going to tell her.. If he remind you of me then why not just be with me... Thank you :)

    • noth:) its the best you can do.. go with it and good luck

    • Update: I hung out with her. She gave me the vibe that she was not really interested in me anymore. So I told her I was going to move on, to give me time to weaken my feelings before we could hang out again. She had a sad face and looked disappointed but only she knows If she really was and I didn't want to ask. She said after the move to the new house the mom wants to have Sunday dinners with just the family and said she would love me to go to some. I said sure depending on how things are. I did make it clear that I will be there for her still and if she realized what she is letting go then to let me know but that I hopped it wasn't to late because I will not sit here and wait. I feel a lot better. I feel at peace I just hope the other guy will treat her with respect and make her happy. As for right now I'm going to focus on myself and make myself better. I don't know who you are but thank you for listening and helping out!

  • Is she the type pf girl that craves for attention?

    • Well honestly she got out of a 5 year relationship from a guy who treated her like crap so maybe.

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    • Good idea :)
      No it doesn't sound pushy at all. She will.
      Im just curious how old are you? And how old is she?

    • We are both 21. I'm older by 6 months

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  • This is friend zone. She isn't feeling sexual attraction. Talking about you feeling isn't going to work. Lots of other girls out there. Try talking to them. Not her mom