Is it time to give up on love?

I try to be the best person I can. I try to be nice, kind and caring but it feels that so many girls just trow it back in my face and treat me like I am scum. Is it time to give up on love completely because the way I feel being a good person is not enough anymore in the dating world. I have also tried dressing better and it feels that also does not work. What should I do? After being treated nasty all the time I have noticed that I pick up on every little thing a girl does. The way she talks, her facial expressions and her body language, the way she looks at me and if she does the slightest little thing I think the worst of her and don't like her. I feel hurt, grumpy and annoyed all the time because it feels I will never be accepted.

What do you suggest I do? or how can I fix this?

Please do not be mean. This is not a hate girls thing because I there are good and bad men and women.

Thank you.

I feel the emotions I mentioned so strongly I struggle to get on with the rest of the day. Today I had to read something at university and after some encounters with some girl I just could not read my book so I just gave up.


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  • Don't give up on love if that's what you really want. The powers that be put obstacles in front of those equipped to handle them, You just haven't found the right person. There's someone special waiting for you to find them. Just hold on to hope because out's not over for you yet.


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  • People in general can be disappointing, I've met a lot of self-righteous people in my life, but I've also know some of the most kind hearted people. Don't give up. Try not to compare every girl to those from your past, it will only make you to closed up to see when the right person comes along. I've adopted the I like everyone until they give me a reason not to attitude.

  • you just didn't find the right girl for you, don't give up who knows she is just around and waiting for you..

  • I know the feeling. I give up to


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