What do you guys think of LDR?

I'm in a long distance relationship for 11months now and still counting. Now, I want to know what do you guys think of LDR.


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  • I'm in a long distant relationship for coming up to 2 years this December
    And i think its great
    We talk 24/7
    Skype often when we can
    Talk on the phone when we can
    And we haven't even met each other

    There are times when i feel sad about the lack of physical contact like a hug or cuddle and kiss
    But i know when we get married and live together it'll be perfect... hopefully next summer

    • Omg! That's so cute! I know! That's what I always feel. Lack of physical contact and its depressing sometimes. We don't talk 24/7 due to time and we are both n college. I have so many school stuff abd im maintaining my scholarship so i have practice everyday. He also has work and studies. We talk everyday but not that long because one of us has to go. We also Skype but it would do just until 3hrs and back to reality. I also have trust issues. Oh you know, boys are boys but i think he is very serious with our relatonship because he pretty much planned everyday like all the stuff after college. But. I'm Wishing all the best for you both. :)

    • OMG you guys sound exactly like us
      We're both studying as well
      And i'm working also
      We're always on whatsapp and when we are busy we just reply slowly
      I know when we Skype we Skype for AGES but as soon as she's gone off or i have to go its sad and I miss her instantly
      We rarely Skype though
      Same. with the phone calls
      I've planned everything after i finish studying next year too
      I just hope it all goes according to plan

      And wish you both the best as well

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  • In my experience, the vast majority of couples aren't able to handle a separation of more than about 90 days without at least one of them either feeling overwhelmingly lonely and seeking out a local source of comfort, or losing interest in the relationship and fading away.

    It takes a huge effort by both people in a relationship to maintain a LDR, even though neither is getting key aspects of the rewards that normally come with a relationship (physical closeness & comfort, sex, etc.). The vast majority of LDRs fail due to problems directly related to the physical separation, and in those instances, I believe all of the LD time was, in the end, wasted.

    Now, if that couple already has a HUGE, DEEP commitment with each other (married, perhaps kids, etc.), and there is "light at the end of the tunnel" where they know they can be together, then perhaps they can make it if they work at it really hard, but that's definitely the exception to the rule.

    For most couples, especially ones who don't have that level of commitment, I recommend they break up rather than go LDR, with the understanding that if the distance issue is ever resolved AND they are both single, then they can decide to start dating again then, but with no expectations (or waiting) for that to happen while they are apart.

  • The military service , the single BIGGEST organization in the world with the most number of people in long distance relationships and they have a song about their girlfriend being stolen by a hip young dude.


  • I think the vast majority of them are a waste of time.

    • I agree

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    • Not at all. I'm the one relocating, because she has a TON of extended family in her area.

    • I don't I can relocate tho haha after college I have to study for law again. And he will work. I don't know if its gonna work for us. Tbh, we are in downfall due to problem of who will relocate.

  • I'm ten months into a LDR with a wonderful Catholic lady. We've only been able to see each other in person for a total of two weeks, but that was enough to know that we had chemistry. We're seeing each other again soon, and I don't regret any of it. It was definitely not a waste of time, since we're talking about marriage now. I'm saving up to move closer to her.

    Daily phone calls and Skype are crucial, as they will bring you closer together.

    • Omg! Marriage! The cutest and most exciting thing ever! Good luck to you both! We talk about getting married too but we're both still in college and he pretty much planned everything already from graduating college til having kids. Lol but of course we can't still be sure if we're gonna end up together. Lol

  • How long distance are we talking? Living in different regions? Living in different countries? I think I would draw the line at the latter, but that's just a matter of personal preference. If it works for others then so be it. I would definitely consider a LDR within my own country though.

    • He's studying college in the other side of the world hahaha

    • As long as you are happy that's all that matters.

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  • I have been in a LDR (only weekends together) for 5,5 years. IT was hard, because I was left in a new city, where I didn't know anybody, and my bf did not speak the language of that country. When in the end, he finally moved full-time to my place, I realized how I had moved on and found my own circle of friends, while he was still lingering on the past and did not get integrated.
    So, long story short, I think it can work if you move together one day, and both partners are independent enough (or integrated enough) that no one is left behind in their new city.

    • We're still both in college and working and ass off. We pretty much planned everything ( lol he planned almost everything. I don't want to take credits) sometimes I feel like giving up but because I love him I have to get through it. He decided to study in the other side of the world lol I don't know if I can still do it for another year but I love him so much. :'(

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    • Well, as long as you two love each other, stay in contact and have a plan on when this situation will change, I think you have the best prerequisites to make it work. Good luck!

    • Aww thank you so much. Glad you posted your own experiences. good luck to you too!