Are the words gold digger and feminism thrown for anything nowadays?

This is what seems to be happening on this site and other forums too. If we even make a slight suggestion on something, immediately we get labelled or get a couple males already trying to attack us with by calling us feminists or ''Oh because of feminism this and that''. Basically it has come to the point that I'm scared of even saying anything without getting called a feminist and in such a bad way.

For instance, there was a thread once about if it's right to split the bill all the time. When I only suggested that it would be great to also take turns once in a while (for instance, I can pay one day and another day he does) suddenly I get those replies of ''So you want a guy still paying, etc'' even when I clearly stated that I would also be paying in certain dates too. I don't want my future relationship to always be seen as a team-work but also romantic and I see nothing wrong with taking turns.

Also, when I read about a girl's story about a bf taking her to McDonalds on her b-day and he wasn't broken at all, suddenly that poor girl gets labelled that. Sorry but I wouldn't do that to a bf's b-day either. What does feminism has to do with having basic manner and simply like sharing?

I've already seen a female post that asked if asking her bf for a pizza is being a gold digger. Has things gotten that extreme nowadays? It's like we can't even suggest anything.


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  • feminists generally support equality... it's because such men get threatened... real men don't ;)


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  • These terms are complete opposite my idea of a feminist is a woman who believes in equal pay for the same job (as do I) she refuses to settle for her sex being objectified in the media, movies, television especially when it comes to violence against a woman (as do I).

    She fights for the rights of those who cannot fight for themselves in other countries against female circumcision, arranged marriages, barbaric punishments for women in other countries (I support that as well)

    Feminists come from all backgrounds May Angleou, Gloria Steinham, Hilary Clinton, Jane Fonda,

    A Gold digger is a quid pro quo woman she will exchange sex, companionship for money, posessions, her value she places on is not love is not intimacy it is strictly a business relationship

  • "Feminism" is used as a catchall phrase by a lot of people for almost all the cultural shifts in how men and women interact over the past... 60 years. Anything prior to ww2 is ignored, and the somewhat reactionary 50's are viewed as 'normal'.

    In truth the invention of the birth control pill, the decline in family sizes party caused by that and partly reflecting urbanization and the changing economics of children, and the movement away from manual labour have done more than ANY organized movements. And we have nowhere near fully absorbed these changes.

    I think your suggestion to alternate is exactly the one I made. The guys jumping down your throat are guys who feel like they are expected to maintain the traditional duties of being a man but no longer have the traditional benefits. There may be some truth to that, at least that's how some men -feel- they are now expected to behave.

    Try to ignore people lashing out generally, or at least don't take it personally, for your own mental health's sake.

  • You have to remember: That's how bad it's become.

    I don't have any problem with your suggestion. I do understand how some guys would come down on you for it because they don't have the same contemplative nature that I do. They've had so many bad experiences (just like me) that they lash out, as Kheserthorpe said.

    I don't even get a "thank you" for taking these women out. That's incredibly rude and disrespectful. Saying "thank you" is the first thing we're supposed to learn in grade school and it reflects the attitude of the general female populace and their expectations. That's what pisses guys off, the ingratitude.

    These same guys that lash out at you will probably cool down and be much more relaxed after a little bit of time. But to answer your question; No, I don't think those terms are thrown around. I think they are very much true. Unfortunately, good girls like you are feeling the repercussions.

  • Scrolling down the 'recent question' page to get to this question, I find a guy asking if it's ok to fuck his aunt, another asking if you'd rate his 3 year old son, and a chick claiming her boyfriend will cheat because he has a boner 24/7.

    Are you really that worked up over the things you read on GaG?

  • Just because some people are not ready to embrace true equality it doesn't mean that every male or female is evil. As for gold digger, that only applies if you get with someone primarily for a share with their financial state.

  • The term gold digger wouldn't exist if it wasn't for feminism. It used to be normal for a man to provide for his woman, but those feminists decided they had a beef with gender roles. And most of you women identify as feminists anyway. So everything you're complaining about is really your own damn fault, cupcake.

    • I don't call myself a feminist and none of my small group of female friends talk about that either. I'm just a woman focusing on finishing my major because I'm simply studying something I love.

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    • Oh dear you're a lost case. I had no idea being in a past long-term relationship was also promiscuous and a danger to society. And no, I'm not forcing my lifestyle on others. As long as you're not committing a serious and heinous crime nor deviations like those places you're mentioning, whether you want to wait till marriage or not it's up to you.

    • Yes you are forcing your lifestyle on others whether you admit it or not. Your tax dollars even fund the genocide of people who chose not to conform to your lifestyle. What about rape culture? You want to do away with that, I'm sure. Well, that's making others conform to your lifestyle. If we didn't make certain people conform the world would be chaos.

  • The term gold digger is a reaction to the hypocrisy of women in general and feminism in particular. What you are referring to with respect to feminism is the inevitable backlash against a very hypocritical and sexist ideology. In short, you women are now finding yourselves forced to sleep in the bed you've made. Sorry but you will get no sympathy from me.

    • I'm guessing you want what pr3ttybr0wn suggested;

      A woman that won't have any opinions whatsoever, always want to split the bills at or times or pay the whole deal (never taking turns), be happy with the man doing no effort at all and don't say anything because then she's gonna be called those terms.

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    • I just read your comment at the question linked below stating you don't support the feminist label. I applaud you for that. Cheers

    • Sorry, I forgot the link. Here you go...

  • "I'm scared of even saying anything without getting called a feminist and in such a bad way." so now you know what men have put up with for the past five deacdes or so! this is called blowback

    at least accusations of feminism and gold digging generally have some consistency. unlike accusations of misogyny

    • *decades

    • Remember here on the screen we all are just pixels... we dont really know anyone on here so if someone does coment badly obviously they thought they were on a sight that could help them with a deeper problem...

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  • anything that seems as if it will put the girl at an advantage is seen as negative and has a harsh name attached to it

    nowdays people think girls should do the cooking, cleaning, looking hot, and pay for half of everything and sometimes even pay for him too so she won't be a gold digger

    and she should make less money, be less educated, be quiet, never complain and have no respect for herself or well being so she won't be called a feminist

    when will girls learn that most of these names are only used to control u. society knows most women are people pleasers and don't want to be thought badly of. so we learn the best way to manipulate girls is call them names so we can control their behavior in a way that benefits usually the man. not all guys are guilty of it, but a lot play into it and silly girls buy into it.

    • Not a lie to be found here.

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    • I think your beef is with feminists. Under Patriarchy we didn't expect women to pay for shit. Just cooking and cleaning is enough. ;)

    • What if I want to cook, clean and also finish my major. I mean, there is nothing wrong with what I want in life. Jointhepatriarchy I've seen on some of your other posts that you've been forcing your beliefs on waiting till marriage and a more traditional lifestyle on others. That's just as bad as insulting women who want to be housewives.

  • Wait, taking turns in paying for dinner is now considered gold-digging?

    Fekin LOL.

    No wonder these bitter losers are single. Excuse me while I gold-dig my boyfriend a steak dinner.

  • What about the word "Femenazi"? Last time I checked, feminists didn't drive the Jews from their homes and into gas chambers.

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