How long before you found a girlfriend?

Guys, when seeking a relationship, how many missed opportunities have you had, and potential partners with whom things didn't work out? Just wondering because right now I've been meeting a lot of women with whom is just doesn't quite work out: often were attracted to one another initially and then there just isn't that spark. Would like to know how long it has taken for some of u to meet someone with whom it worked out


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  • It all depends on you. Some guys find a girl in 2 days others take 20 years to find somebody.


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  • I've had plenty of opportunities but none of them seemed right. still single bruhh!

    • Yeah same here bro, a lot of my friends are willing to settle for any girl they can. I on the other hand have had A LOT of interest, but I refuse to settle for someone I don't feel a connection with

    • yeah never settle. I will never settle. no point in settling if you're not satisfied.