What to do when your best friend doesn't love you back? We slept together?

My best friend and I are both 21 and in university together. We have been best friends since first year and I have always had a crush on her. She's really smart and beautiful and just an amazing person.

About a week ago we slept together and the sex was amazing (for both of us). But for me, I was finally able to express how I feel about her without saying it aloud. But it was apparent the next morning and by her actions since that night, that it was just sex for her. She just acted so casually, like it was the most normal thing in the world. Which, by the way, really fucking hurts.

I haven't explicitly told her, but as I said, she's acting like it was nothing. I am 99% sure she doesn't feel the same way, but if I tell her it will be really hard to stay friends.

I know everything about her, and she knows everything about me. I have never felt like this before and I really don't want to see her go, but is it better that way? Of course I want her to be with me but I love her and I want her to be happy.

  • Stay friends, she'll come around
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  • Stay friends and move on
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  • Don't try and stay friends, you'll get more hurt
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  • Tell her explicitly, then be with her or stop being friends
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  • She's probably acting like that because she has absolutely no idea that you have those kind of feelings for her. She's acting as if it was nothing because from her stand point, there was no strings attached.

    I suggest that you just flat out tell her that you like her and see where it goes from there. It'll be a little awkward for her, so if you choose the route to say something, come across in a kind and not so pushy manner.


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