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How can a girl be successful at this. Guys message me but then dont follow up its really weird.. i feel like im desperate if imessage first and i also dont know what to say. I've read a lot of success stories so im optimistic and trying to be patient, but i really dont know how to get a decent guy to message me.


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  • Well dating sites are one thing (that I don't care for) but if you're just talking about one guy you're getting on with, I'd just message when you feel like it. Don't be a wuss! =)

    If they like you they'll be happy just to hear stories about stuff, girls typically have more drama and interesting things to talk about so that shouldn't be too tough. When you're comfortable, it will feel natural and jokes will come to you about what you/he says, humour is sexy by itself and you can always throw innuendo in there too lol.

    Most of the time the girl will be chatting, and the guy will flirt about something. She can then joke or flirt back or tease. =)


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  • They do not follow up because they are not interested or are pursuing someone else. This may be as innocent as they do not feel there is any chemistry, or if you are not moving as quickly as they want towards a date/meet/call/etc.

    It is not desperate, but you can check out the link below for what to write. I am using it with some success.

    You should prepare yourself; however, you will attract some of the most unpleasant members of the male order. Many of your emails from men will not only be unproductive, but downright offensive and distasteful. Men get ignored; women get pictures of dicks. Lots of dicks.

  • Only women think msging first/last is desperate etc etc. that's all bullshit. Esp in online dating you basically have a plethora of guys whod' do anything for a girl so you should be fine


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