Did I over react when he forgot to call?

I've been with my boyfriend for nearly three years now and we talk once or twice a week. I'm usually the person who asks if he wants to talk or not and if he says not that night I say no problem and move on. I asked him the night before last if he wanted to talk and he said not tonight but that he promised to call the next night. Then last night I asked him again if he wanted to chat, just to make sure he was still up for it and he said you bet but that he wanted to stay up a while longer so he'd text when he was heading off so that we could chat. I said no problems, to text and that I was going to go watch a TV show. After an hour and a half I texted him say that I was heading to bed to read and that he could call when he wanted to. He texted saying that I should sleep well. I felt pretty upset about this as I had been really looking forward to talking to him as the last time I talked to him we had a fight. Am I over reacting? Or being to clingy about it?


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  • sounds like he want's space, give him some, but not too much. Try sending him a message telling him you miss him and that he should call when he's free. Sit back and be patient, if he calls, you'll be ok


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