Why is my ex only calling me at night?

it's always been at night except for the first time he called, two months ago, at 3 pm. he texted me "hey what's up." I feel disrespected by the late calls, so I don't answer them. I feel like he'd have a LOT for these to be booty calls since literally the last thing I ever said to him was to lose my number if he felt like calling for that reason. we broke up because we wanted different things, he couldn't commit because he was still somewhat attached to a girl he dated for 7 years (through high school and beyond) this was 8 months ago. I've been out of the country, he knew that, but I don't know if he actually knows I'm back. anyway, why do guys do this? and I know you're quick to say booty call, but he fucking knows how offensive I find that so I just don't get it.

  • still could be a booty call
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  • drunken courage to talk to me
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  • misses me, wants to reconcile
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I don't understand why guys only call exes for booty calls then, in that case, I won't call him back


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  • He wants the V!

    • ya ya but I straight up told him to never call for that? how do you guys think calling exes after 8 months gets you a booty call?

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    • I do want to accept an opinion, I just prefer one with a little more thought into it

    • Sometimes a simple answer explains it all.

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  • well not necessarily. at night there are less distractions. less to do more time to think. and sometimes silence is deafening

    • so you're saying it could mean more?

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    • grow a pair of ovaries and do it. fate loves the fearless. how cn you know what she has for you if you don't act?

    • I did it, thank you!

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