I need to debrief about this kiss! I don't understand how a 30 year old guy can use so much tongue (i. e., only tongue) during a kiss?

Went on a 2nd date with a guy. Spent 5 hours talking over drinks, and if I hadn't had to leave to get up for work the next day, he could have probably talked for another 5 hours.
He had 6 beers during this time span, but he's very tall... He seemed only maybe a little tipsy, but was still very engaged in the convo.

He walked me to my car, and I gave him a gentle kiss on the mouth. Literally 1s, letter he had his tongue prying into my mouth. I pulled back and then he kissed the side of my cheek in a line, but his lips were already wet (?).

I decided to try again, and thought maybe we could do some teasing back and forth.. But nope... so I just thought wth, and went for it, which was very intense but nice... But then he just kept going and going and going... How he managed to breathe, I'm not sure.

Every time I'd try to go back, to end things on a soft note, he took that has an invitation for tonsil hockey? I wouldn't say it was too, too bad. The saving grace is he sweetly squeezed my hand at the end, and kissed my forehead as we hugged. And he kept his hands to himself throughout, so no (creepy) groping.

But the whole thing just struck me as odd. I guess he was just pretty horny, plus a bit tipsy... Gosh, do you think this is how he always kisses?


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  • Well, with six beers he was definitely a little buzzed, so that probably played a role. LOL

    It's possible that he's a bit of a sloppy kisser and the beers just amplified it, but I guess you won't know until you guys kiss without any beer involved.

    Also, if you really end up liking him and is just so happens that he's not the world's greatest kisser, you can help to guide him to kiss how you like. He won't kiss one certain way forever if he finds out there's a better way to do it.


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  • Wow not exactly subtle is he? i do not kiss that way on a second date or third etc.

  • Well, it could have been worse. He could have had 12 beers then lapped your whole face like a dog.
    Some guys are passionate, skillful kissers & some are just... sloppy. I think you got a sloppy one.


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