How can a person date when they have depression and anxiety?

I am on mild anti depressants and I get intense anxiety around women. Often times I feel ashamed of myself to avoid being in public or approaching attractive women. Body dysmorphia. I hate myself cuz I am short and pale, probably ugly, the only thing I have going for me is that im athletic with a good job

I have thoughts of suicide. I am such a loner, nobody invites me out. Friends tell me its not personal but I dont believe them. Life is becoming meaningless cuz I hsvent had a gf who feels the same as I do about the other in over 4 years. I just can't break the cycle. My psychological/emotional issues affect my dating life and my dating life adds to my stress and anxiety. Many times I feel like im better off dead. Rejection is becoming so difficult and makes me feel lethargic, heavy. Yo go out requires so much effort and energy and the reward hasn't been very good.

What can I do? Is there any hope? Therapy doesn't work and im running out of ideas


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  • i had social anxiety so bad, i can't even tell you. i tried so hard to battle it and it wasn't working, nothing worked. and on meds, i just felt fake and like i was drugging myself for not effect. one day, i realized that i wasn't having as many problems as before. i am not sure why. of course i still have attacks and my boy friend is useless. maybe because i grew out of it, maybe because i didn't want to be a burden, maybe because i wanted to impress myself or the people around me. but things can feel like they won't ever get better, but they did for me, but only when i stopped thinking about it. now i use essential oils to help me. orange is good to smell on your wrist. it will wake you up, motivate you and get you moving. i also use pine tree oil to smell when i am stressed, is calms me down. you also could lack vitamins. go lay in the sun for 10 mins.


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  • First, don't kill yourself!! I'm typing the rest now juts thought I'd send this asap and let you know I'm typing the rest...


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