How to tell if he's lusting or if he actually likes you?

I like a guy and I can't tell if he only wants sex or if he actually likes me. What are some things I can look for in him to tell if its lust or if he likes me


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  • Guys who just want sex aren't going to see your value beyond sex. If most his questions or talks lead towards talking about sex or your body or your looks, he is interested in only those. If no matter what you talk about somehow leads to those topics or ends up including those topics, it means that's what he thinks of when he's around you. An object for sex. You are only seen for that characteristic.

    If he actually likes you he'll ask about the stuff that makes you a person. Your interests, your family, your life, what you're feeling, what your opinion is, etc.

    If he likes you, he'll also talk about himself in a way to get you to see him as a person, and not as an object. If he talks about his money, his looks, his sex appeal, his dating life, or anything that makes you see him as a sexual object or romantic object, he wants you to lust after him.

    If he talks about his opinions, his feelings, his interests, his family or his daily life, he wants you to see him as a person. In this case, he likes you. And if he's into you, he'll occasionally lead the conversation to romantic subjects or ways to make you see him as having romantic qualities. Though this isn't always the case.

    As an aside, friend-zoned males tend to over-romanticize their interests, without ever focusing on their own romantic qualities and what they can offer romantically.


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  • Most guys rather date girls then just use them for sex one time. If he is a player though, than there is definitely a distinct possibility he just wants you for sex. Look for signs that he has a crush on you. If he falls for other aspects of you rather than just your body, he'll most likely want more than just sex. Has he asked you out yet, or made any subtle advances?


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