To guys, How do you make a choice of who would be your girlfriend, what characters, criteria is important to you?

When you are dating with many girls, then how to batter make the best choice possible? What is your view on that? When your agenda is a relationship.


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  • I'm no man, but from a woman's point of view: If you see yourself living the rest of your life with him, he's the one.

    I'm not the type that dates a guy for 2 years, and breaks it apart over something fucking stupid. If I need to work something out with you, we both will sit down and talk it out (sometimes scream it out).

    Honesty, ambition, humor, and goals in life are four aspects of criteria that is important to me.

    • The one I dated wasn't that wise like you))) and ambition and goals wise, as well, it was something she had trouble talking... turned out that honesty was problematic as well) thus it didn't work for me... I prefer to argue and find the truth underneath the problem, rather then quitting all of a sudden) She had a different point of view)

    • I feel like normal arguing (mainly bickering) is healthy for a relationship, as it relieves built up anxiety and irrational matter. I wouldn't want my man to be lying to me about anything. I would like him to be comfortable to just tell the truth. I mean if he wanted to go to the strip club with his boys, just tell me. Hey, I'll even drop you off.. I wouldn't want him to tell me he is going to dinner with friends and he wasn't there. It loses trust value and it's obviously dishonest.

    • Likewise

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  • Boobs, Ass and slim waist with long legs and preferably blonde. Other things just catch up