Ok so I'm bi and there's this guy I really like but I'm super nervous to talk to him what do I say?

I don't know how to start a conversation with him we've made eye contact non stop I really like him


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  • Start right now imagining all sorts of conversations right now. Be creative and write an entire little script. Make a list of things you think might be suitable for a conversation, but of course avoid politics, religion, and whatever you suppose might be offensive. Do not just start babbling away or you might say something you'll wish you hadn't. If you get nervous while talking, take a deep breath and give the guy time to frame his own responses and speak, little pauses 5 to 10 seconds might make him nervous enough to fill the conversational void on his own. Nod yes or no, uh uh, unh uhn, oooh, wow, et cetera appropriately as he speaks. Do not just ask a bunch of questions; practice turning your questions around into statements: What time is it? equals I wonder what time it is. You already know about eye contact, smiling appropriately and so forth, do not do a fixed smile or steely eye contact, you might look goofy. Keep talk simple and light, don't try to be too intellectual or funny. Never say no, use uhhhhh or unnnn instead. Never complain about something or say a cross word.

    Things to say, but use your own words, be creative: That's cool shoes (shirt, sunglasses, hair, and so forth. I just got back from (movie, city, neighborhood). There was a terrible accident on this street last week. I just saw (singer, movie star, concert, et cetera). It's a great day (yes, it's day in this hemisphere) (every day is a great day). I love this weather. You can use the Dale Carnegie: That's a fine head of hair (haha). Or you can say you're looking for a coffeeshop or whatnot; when he gives directions, invite him to go with you.

    Once the talk starts rolling you'll be surprised how easy it all is. But don't expect a bull's eye every time. People in their various moods may be unpredictable, so use judgment and watch out!


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