Wehy do guys back out the moment they develope feelings?

You go on several great dates, and have great chemistry, he tells you he likes you and wants to spend more time with you.
Than right after that amazing date he pulls away. Telling me isn't looking for anything serious at the moment.
Than why bother dating in the first place? Im stuck thinking there was something wrong with me, and i know he got out of a 6 year long relationship last yar but i mean his ex has moved on and is pregant so why can't he move on also, when he found someone he has great bond with.


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  • people*
    Plenty of girls do that shit.
    Because he's weak and can't move on with his life, "I dont want anything serious" is the go to for, let me stick it in.

  • If the feelings r a new experience, he will back off because he is not in control of himself n situatio. If he backs off he won't get hurt or embarrassed

    • so he is scared of something new?

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    • its been like 5 months.. last time we spoke was in april.. we are still friends but we dont talk and he just moved to my town to go for his masters at univ but im afraid to contact him, should i keep giving space?

    • let him know how u feel, n c if he gets back to u

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