Would love some answers! :) Is this too early to ask this girl out?

So I've known this girl for around 3 and a half weeks, we met on Tinder. for the first 2 weeks she was on holiday and we messaged each other constantly, skyped each other a lot and I think we're pretty much obsessed with each other. It's gone so, so well. We're pretty much soulmates as well, but in a more non platonic way.

We've been on two dates this week after she's come back from holiday and are going on another one tomorrow. Then i'm meeting her parents the week after and the day after that, another date in my city :D

So on the day after I meet her parents I'm thinking of asking her out. She's off to uni in September and so am I but we're not bothered about distance at all so it's just a matter of when I should make that all important move? What do you guys think? By then we'd have been on 5 dates in the space of two weeks.

Thanks! :)


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  • Yes Ask Her Out , If You Guys Already Feel That Way Then Yeah Go For It , She Likes You You Like Her So It's A Win Situation & If Her Parents Like You That's Even Better :)

    • If think you're right! :) I wouldn't want to ask her out before she'd organized that I meet her parents, that would be wrong haha. Thanks for your reply ;)

    • Your Welcome , GoodLuck With Everything

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  • All important move? Do you mean asking her to marry you? If that is what you are asking then yes I think its to early. How much do you really know about this girl? I mean you two may get along very well and she may be perfect for you. But how much do you really know? Getter to know someone fully is not something that is ment to happen after marriage. It is what you should know before you decide to marry. Take your time. If it is ment to be that the 2 of you spend the rest of your lives together then it will happen so whats the rush?

    • No no, just asking her out to be my girlfriend, I'm only 19 aha. Sorry, the phrase 'all important move' was a bit extreme haha. I know her really, really well and likewise her with me. We've covered every topic, we've made out, cuddled, hugged, dated, held hands, cooked for each other, bought each other gifts, etc, etc. There's no rush but I think the time will be right to ask her out, especially on the day after meeting her parents

    • LOL ok had me worried there a bit. Asking her to be your girlfriend is the most logically step. So go for it. It sounds like you guys are hitting it off very well and a girlfriend style committment seems like the next step. Sorry I was so far off on that one.

    • No no man it was my fault aha, I would've thought the same, especially seeing as I didn't give my age in the question haha! Yeah it's going really well so I think after I meet her parents on the day after, I'll take her to a quiet and nice place (hopefully it'll be a nice day) and ask her out :)