Is he controlling me?

My boyfriend of 5 months has started pointing out the wrong things I do on a daily bases. They are wrong because I don't o it Like he would. Just the other day he got pissed because I parked at an angle at the store. He tells me I don't act like a girl, I cry to much and I don't clean house good enough. He's stated I am to laid back raising MY 3 kids. (I let them make decision, teaching them responsibility and to learn independency) he knows I am very independent so I want my children to do the same. After 5 months he just as t now told me he doesn't like the way I kiss. He also brings my past up questioning why I did things. He has forgotten that I'm not the one that spent 2 years in prison. I've always been this bubbly, happy, go getter. Sense I've been with him I need to "tone it down" then when I do stop he started questioning why I'm so quiet or why did I shut down. He says he loves me for me but I can't tell, it feels he is always trying to change me. I keeps sending me mixed messages. One minute I'm to loud or obnoxious the next I'm too quiet... I've told him that he is starting to emotionally break me down after just 1 month of living together. He always apologizes and said he will get better... he is to serious and I'm more of the "hippy" we clash more and more. I feel stupid when we have conversation... I even moved away from all my kids and I know to be with him... he is all we have and I'm starting to second guess if I'm making the right decision...


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  • Kick him out while you still can! Yes, he is controlling you.
    My ex was similar, it started very subtly but steadily but telling what I should do, what I should better, what I do wrong. Everything I do is wrong, every achievement I have, is nothing etc. etc... in the end, my self esteem was shattered, I did not dare doing anything anymore by myself, without asking his permission.
    he also constantly stated how much he loved me, playing the guilt card.
    you have three children, they should be your main source of happiness and you should educate them the way you want them to be educated. So, say goodbye to this mr., who tries to change you into someone you are not and find someone who loves you for who you are.


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  • All of this only 5 months in?


  • sounds like you need to get away from him. this is the type of person who will at the least emotionally abuse you and keep you in tears. this is not a man you want to spend your life with. move on and find you a good man!


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