What to do about my friend and I liking the same girl?

How should I go about this? He doesn't know that I like her, but I know he likes her from a mutual friend, and because he suddenly sat away from our group of friends to sit next to her.

I don't which one of us she likes or if she likes one of us at all, but she gives both of us good signs when we talk to her. My friend is a nice guy, so I don't want to compete for this girl, but I also don't want to regret this. We are all 15 if it matters.


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  • You are young. Females are going to come and go for you both... You may potentially have good memories there with this girl but who is to say it will go beyond that --- Same thing for him.

    I think you need to have a conversation with your buddy about this and let him know whats up. If you both decide she is "hands off" then be sure to follow through with that because down the road if you find out that he is seeing her behind your back or talking to her - that can cause problems.

    I would say let your friend pursue her and you continue living life - I am sure you will meet someone soon.

    • I was thinking about telling her that we both like her, but would this put too much pressure on her?

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    • Thanks for the advice! I don't want to make a big deal, so I will probably try to find someone else.

    • I think that will be best:) good luck !

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  • Ñot saying this is neçeasarily right, but in my group of friends its agreed that whoever had feelings for him first probably likes him more, and if I didn't like him first I'll back off. If she begins flirting with you however the best thing to do is confront your friend about it, and ask hi! m honestly how upset he'd be of you were to date. Of he says he'd be upset honestly I think the best thing to do is to lay off, girls come and go at this age but you need your friends to be solid.

    • My friends do this too, but we met her at the same time and it's impossible to decide when we started liking her. I'm going to back off and see what happens.

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