Why the renewed interest?

I was dating this guy I'll call Fred, for about 3 months and we weren't "in a relationship" because he wasn't ready, but at first we spent a lot of time together and then gradually it got to the point where it didn't matter if he saw me or not... so I ended things... who wants to be with a guy who doesn't have time for them right? I dated another guy after him for a few months and we just broke up. Now Fred is doing things to get my attention... Why? What changed all a sudden?

Thank you very much for the reply... but it's my mistake for saying "alot"... the first month we spent every week-end together... no week days... the second month... one night per week-end and the 3rd month one night every 2 weeks.


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  • You guys spent too much time together, it simply got boring. And since you broke up with him the time he spent away from you made him miss, want, and think about you.


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