How should I respond or do I not need to?

how should I respond to this text should
I don't want to sound desperate

me: u down for Sat
she two yelp!

me hie about the poison girl:
she: what?
me: its a bar?


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  • well all she asked was what. im assuming she didn't reply after you told her it was a bar? just wait a some more and if she doesn't get back to you then contact her.

  • You could try using proper English with her, it would go a LONG way to improving your chances with her.

    "hie about the poison girl:" could mean literally dozens of different things.

    Try something like.

    "How about "The Poison Girl", do you know it?
    1641 Westheimer Rd. See you there at 8,
    or ping me if you don't know it and need directions."