How to get this possible perfect match?

A few weeks ago, my cousin's girlfriend tried to hook me up with a friend of hers. She told her about me before hand and showed her a pic of me. She showed me a pic of her a gave me her number. When I saw her pic I was instantly attracted to her. She is so beautiful. So I texted her and we started to get to know each other. She plays basketball and basketball is my favorite sport. She is taking the same major as me and is transferring to the same college I attend. We were texting each other for a couple of days, then one day I tried to text her, but she didn't text back. So I waited the next day and texted her again and still nothing. So I asked my cousin's gf to see what's up with her. She tried texting her but nothing. She said maybe her phone is turn off. I hoped that I would run into her on campus, but what are the chances of that? What should I do to meet her? And what should do when I do meet her?


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  • Just wait. If she doesn't reply to your cousin either she might be busy with life or school. Wait until she responses to you.

    • I thought about that, but in the past, waiting never done me any good. A girl either lost interest and moved on or thought that I wasn't interested anymore and moved on.

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  • If she's not replying, she's not interested.

    • But she is not replying to her friend either.

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    • There might be, ima ask her friend to help me out with that. Any advice for when I meet her?

    • Talk to her, then if she seems receptive, ask her out.