Girls, would you rather a guy ask permission to give a cheek kiss and when is it okay to just sneak one in on a second, third, or fourth date?

I've heard some women think a guy is too soft if he "asks" to kiss a girl, like he should just do it, but I try to be polite especially since I am inexperienced.


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  • Just kiss her when you feel it's the right moment. You can ask her if you do it in a sorta funny way or if you say, I really want to kiss you.. See how she reacts and then you can see if you should kiss her or not.

    • How was your first kiss?

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    • Yes, very nice :)

    • Good!

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  • I would prefer for the guy to not ask because I would feel too flustered to answer honestly. If he were to surprise me with one at first I would be really embarrassed, but then I'd be really happy after. Hope that helps :)

  • I'd rather him just go for it :)

    • Would you rather he just slap your butt or ask for that to, just of curiosity?

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    • That's understandable.

    • Thank you, though, I appreciate your input though, could I get your opinion on another anonymous question;

  • I would find it cute


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  • Girls want a man who is confident enough to take charge of the situation, to kiss her because he WANTS to kiss her, and because she's just so damn hot and sexy, he can't help himself, he can't control himself, he HAS to kiss her passionately RIGHT NOW.

    That sort of shit makes them weak at the knees.

    A guy who goes "Eh, excuse me, eh, could you, eh, possibly, eh, if it's all right with you, eh, see yourself to eh, not to put too fine a point on it, eh possibly letting me eh, kiss you on the cheek a little tiny bit?"

    That's not turning anyone on, mate. No matter how polite you think you're being.

    • You make a good point. Thanks.

  • Don't ask. Just do it.
    If I didn't get a kiss on the lips, and she enjoyed it, I'd know something was wrong. If I didn't get banged within about 12 hours face to face, I'd know something was wrong.

    • Thanks for the suggestion.

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