Are we doomed? what should I do!?

okay so I've been basically dating my boss for four months. we started of if as friends that just got out of relationships and we were just good company for eachother but slowly we got closer and closer and it just happened I guess. I've met his son, some of his cousins, and his bestfriends. he has taken me to cedar point and the movies and has done a bunch of nice things for me. he is a really sweet guy. there's a problem though now. after cedar point (less then a week ago) his ex gf blocked me on facebook, I believe she just found out. the next day I go into work and he tells me that his dad isn't allowing me over anymore, because I'm too young. I'm 19 and he is 28. I would understand if we just started this by we've been seeing each other for months and his dad has known so why now all of a sudden is it a problem? I honestly think his ex has said something to him and now he is putting me on the back burner.. he has tried texting me since but I really don't know what to say because I'm so pissed off and I feel like he's lying to me. what do I do? I would really like to stay with him but it's gonna be hard if we're already having issues, esp if he isn't over his ex...


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  • A 28 year old man won't see a girl because his dad forbid it? Seriously? I take it you all work at a family-owned company and his dad is the boss?

    • yep, you're spot on..

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    • i think he is lying though. I don't think his dad really cares. why would he? I think he is using it as an excuse bc of his ex. I feel like he bitched at him about me and now he thinks they're gonna get back together when really their not (I know the ex she wants nothing to do with him) so he is putting me on hold just in case. I really wanna say something but I don't wanna come off too strong

    • At the end of the day, does it really matter? Regardless of whether it's the dad or the ex, you have a guy who cared so little that he pushed you off the second it got dicey for him.

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  • Tell him to get his shit together and call you when he's a grown man. If he's serious about you, he'll realize he needs to be at least as much of an adult as someone nine years younger than him.

    Don't contact him after that, and go on with your life as though you dumped him. Don't let it bother you. You got through a rough patch in your life thanks to him, but it's time to move on if he isn't into you enough to pursue you. He would have stood up for you if he cared enough for you.

    He needs to grow up, or you're just gonna regret him eventually.


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  • Wow a 28 year old still living with daddy and being told what to do, where do I sign up for one of those. That right there is enough of a red flag to leave. If his dad is lying about, if he's actually getting back with the ex and doesn't have enough balls to dump you and he's got baggage, whatever the truth actually is... You will never be first on his list.

    Take it as a lesson and move on. Don't get involved with people who still act like children.

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