Do men who say they don't want a long-term relationship change their minds when they meet the right woman?

I'm dating in the 40 to 50 year old range, mostly divorced men with kids. So many say they don't want a long-term relationship. My friend was in this situation, and the guy broke up with her because she wanted a commitment. Then, about a month later, he was back, and now they are engaged, Does this happen often? Why do guys change their minds if they say they aren't looking for anything serious, is it because they have found someone special and they didn't expect it? Why are they so sure they don't want a long-term relationship at the outset? Why not just wait to see what happens instead of going into it with such a limited viewpoint?


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  • People wants relationships, but some just don't want long term relationships, maybe some want something temporary, like some just get jobs for short periods of time.

    Not every guys wants that sort of relationship, some do want long term relationships, but that should discussed in the relationship in what you both want out of it, if your not happy, end it.

    He just changed his mind, what wrong with that. Maybe he needed to time out to figure what he really wants. The same thing happened between prince William and Kate middleton. People don't know what they always want at that time, they say one thing, and later on, they did really want it.

    No is going into a relationship with a limited view point, some are just find hard to make the right decisions and know what they exactly at that particular time. Agree some do.

    • "Maybe he needed time to figure out what he really wants". You've hit on what I was wondering about. At the outset, he THOUGHT he wanted nothing long-term, but once he got further into the relationship, he realized he didn't know what he wanted after all. Thanks.

    • ok no problem. time out changes a lot of people minds.

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  • Because "I don't want a long term relationship" usually means "I don't want a long term relationship (with you)".

  • Yeah, probably they do change their mind.


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