Bad idea to send a random snapchat?

so this guy i really like has started ignoring my texts and Facebook messages. we used to fb message for prolonged periods of time and we would always reply to each other's snapchats. but as of late, he's stopped doing all that. i'm just upset because i want to follow up on hanging out with him but the text/message that i ask him about that he doesn't respond. he'll used to respond to something random i say, but he doesn't even do that anymore. what's the best thing to do to get him to respond back? is it bad to send a random snapchat again?


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  • if by random you mean a snap that is meant for everyone then no its not bad. just make it an interesting snap to the point where he couldn't mention something to you and then snowball a conversation from there.


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  • Just in case you're thinking of sending something sexy and private, here's some info.

    Snapchat can be screencapped. On an Apple device, hold Home and press Power while still holding Home.

    Snapchat is as permanent as Chaturbate.

    In any case, he isn't interested in you anymore. He's shut you out of his life. Move on. He isn't the one for you, even if you think he is.

  • Dont be too desperate. And I've had that problem before. The not responding. Most people i know deleted snapchat or never really used it. So dont be too hurt. (Can you not see if he's opening them?) because if he's opening them and not responding then you might already have your answer.. :/

    • He does use it, but minimally. We haven't snapped each other recently. He did snap me once a couple of days ago. I responded to it, but he opened the chat and didn't say anything back :( I don't know if it's worth a shot because I'm going out of town in a couple of days and would like to see him before I go.

    • Maybe make it something casual like. Hey lets get coffee or something. Leave it up to him. If he can't spare a hour out of his day sometime in like a two day window or so. Then i wouldn't waste any more time trying to get ahold of him.. idk. Good luck

  • No offense but maybe he has a life outside social media now. I would suggest you stop worrying about and find some people in the real world.


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