How Do I Make My Girlfriend Trust Me?

Hello, So I'm gonna be quick with this.
We've been dating 8 months and she still doesn't trust me to the fullest ( well who does that anyways ). So, like 3-4 months ago, out of nowhere, I gave her my Facebook login and password, and I told her that she can look at all my chats at any time, and I would stop talking to whoever she wants or something like that.
However... She refuses... It's been 3-4 months (again, I cannot remember) and I've been asking her for a while, be she refuses. To you optimistic people : no, she does not "trust me already". She distrusts me so much, that she says, if she saw those chats she would go even do depression or just cry. Basically she's thinking I'm like... I don't even know... Flirting with girls and stuff. So that's my situation right now, what can I do to help her distrust? I of course want her trust, I never delete any conversations, I want her too know everything about me, I shared almost all of my secrets, I just want her to feel safe with me.. I don't know what can I do anymore... What can I do? How can I make her just go an look at my chats? Check up on me, ask me about other people that I'm talking to? I mean all of this, it just feels like total distrust in me... I don't want that in my relationship with her... I just want her too trust me...
Wow... I said I'll keep this short... Oh well... Anyways it's as small as I can make it.
So I will be waiting for responses and hope you guys can help me, in advance, thanks for reading and answering.


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  • This doesn't sound like a happy relationship at all... No offense, but you really aren't helping her in any way by staying with her and letting her continue to put your relationship down...

    If I were you, I would say the following...

    "Either you are going to be in this relationship with me or you are not. If you want to loath in self pity for a reason that does not even exist then continue to do so alone because I am not going to sit here and watch you do it to yourself and our relationship. I have given you 100% of me and you continue to deny me day in and day out yet here I stand - still. So either sit down with me now and let us work through this together and we can look at our face books together --- or you can walk out the door."

    • I think that is blunt but also considerate in a way.

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    • I don't know... I don't want to break up with her... she's just being really unreasonable and now she just said bye don't talk to me anymore... wow... umm i don't know... I never broken up with anyone before... I don't wanna hurt her...

    • You aren't hurting her... she seems to be hurting herself.

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  • She's too insecure. It's not something you can fix. It's something only she can fix. And by being in a relationship, it's making things worse. She really shouldn't be in a relationship with someone if she's unable to trust anyone. I suggest you break up with her. Her insecurities are tearing your relationship apart, and it seems like she's not willing to realize it.

    • I know... We drift just farther away... But I cannot break up with her... With anyone at that point... I'm at the point where I know we need to break up. But I just cannot do it... I cannot...

    • Well then, learn how to put up with her shit. Because she's not going to change for a long time. If at all.

  • No one deserves that kind of relationship. If she can't bring herself to trust you, then why waste anymore time with her? You can't have a happy relationship without trust and it seems like she doesn't even want to trust you. She needs to work on her issues on her own time and you need to move on and find someone who's more mentally stable.

    • So it seems everyone's suggesting for me to break up with her because it's not worth in her current state of mind... I kind of agree... But I'm only 16 I don't know about this... I can't just dump someone... I still wanna try working things out...

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  • Boy, she's bitching you up good. You can't fix her level of insecurity. It's a mental thing she has to work through. You'll get tired of it eventually.