If you like someone and they ask you to do something boring like see a would you say yes evn though its not creative or your favorite thing to do?

If you do want to hang out but you'd rather do something else, would you say so or just I to the I is no big deal and initiate something different next time (if there is a next time)?


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  • I would agree. Then in conversation you can bring up what you would like to do and you can both do what each other would like on different dates/hangouts.


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  • if its a first time then I won't mind. if its all the time then ill suggest something else:)

  • It depends how much I dislike whatever it is she wants to do.

  • Depends. I once saw Twilight because of a girl I had a crush on. It was a stupid, stupid decision, because not only was it a waste of my time and money, she was a horrible friend. I had a crush on her, so, stupidly, I thought I'd look good because I was open to the idea (when I wasn't).

    I suppose that now there are other things I think about first. Time, money, level of interest, if I think I'll learn something or get something positive from the experience... A cooking class? Probably. I can use that even if the date goes bad.

    I went dancing on New Years. I hate dancing. I've got health problems. I didn't have a date. So why did I go? It was inexpensive, I'd get to see friends, there were other things to do than dance, I got to go out instead of staying in with family. I danced. Why? Because sitting there makes me look boring. I hate watching purses, or not being able to have a conversation... and the girls I would like to date would probably be the type who would love to dance... so I danced.

    I think as a guy, I'm probably the one planning it all, anyway, so the chance that this type of thing is thrown out there is really rare.

    • lol well you might not expect to have to deal with being asked out, but i asked the question for my own edification in asking out. so your response about how youd prefer it, is still helpful.

      i also dd not mean id expect you to fo to a movie you dont want to see. im more likely to just ask if they'want to see a movie-unless i already know one they want to see-then we both decide which.

      i dont love seeing movies. i think its a bit boring in general id rather be out moving. however i find it kind of relaxing bc you get used to being around someone physically without much pressure to day anything.. then by the time its over im a bit more comfortable talking. and if we see each other again, its easier.

      i guess im really asking if a movie is a horrible activity for a first date... not bc its cliche, but just bc of wha tit is.

      i like low key thinhs for the first time, the park or a movie bc most people are ok walking breathing fresh air and or looking at stuff.

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