Guys, if you'd had to choose, who would you rather date?

Would you rather date:

1. Extremely Fat Girl (over 300 lbs)
2. Extremely Skinny Girl (under 70 lbs)
3. Extremely Muscular Girl (on steroids)
4. Extremely Tall Girl (7 ft or even taller)
5. Extremely Short Girl (4 ft or even shorter)

So - what's your dating limit?

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Most Helpful Guy

  • Tough choice... but ehh... skinny girl maybe... cos
    Skinny , you can work with skinny.
    But YaoMing tall or dwarf short , you can't work around that and morbidly obese you can't work around either cos weight loss at such extreme is a bit tough...

    Oh gees... this question made me feel like a judgmental prick lol


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What Girls Said 2

  • Hmm I wonder why the guys chose the tiny one?

  • Of course guys would pick the skinny girl... shallow pricks.

    • Well, ask girls, who would they date... with pictures of guys (fat, skinny, muscular etc)... I'm quite sure that answer would be the same :))

What Guys Said 3

  • I'd go for the small girl personally, most "normal" of the lot.

  • Skinny girl for sure.

  • Oh god that's a really though choice. I voted B, but that'd be assuming she didn't have an eating disorder. If she was just really skinny for some other reason then she'd have plenty of time to put extra weight on before it got around to having sex XD

    I wouldn't go for C because uggghh, nor D or E because they can't change. Maybe A, but it'd be harder to change than B

    • though choice? wtf was I typing? tough*

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    • I meant if there were some hypothetical circumstance, say they were held hostage or some crap and treated poorly for example. If they didn't have an eating disorder then I doubt she'd want to stay like that

    • Possibly doesn't want to stay that way (maybe she does) but she could possibly be unable to put on weight.
      So without you creating these random hypothetically circumstances, who would you pick? I belirve the point of this question was that they are just normal girls who come as they are in pictures. Not hostages made to starve or eat too much.