Should I still give him a chance or move on?

I started talking to this guy about two months ago. We would text everyday and I could tell he was really interested. We've only gone out three times because the summer has been busy for the both of us. He has been out of town on vacation the past three weeks and he texted me as soon as he came back. He didin't make much conversation but we made plans for fri until I realized I had other plans I forgot about I told him about it and then asked to rescheule for sat. He said he would get back to me because his mom was having minor surgery and he might have to take care of her (she is a single mother and he lives with her). He texted me to let me know on fri that he would not be able to hang out this weekend as he will be taking care of her afterall. He said he was sorry and would make it up to me. I'm just a bit upset because I haven't seen him in almost a month and since he's been back he hasn't made conversation with me other than for this date. He also hasn't mentioned when he would make it up to me. Should I take all this as signs to move on or could he be telling the truth and i'm overeacting?


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  • Reading that you're worried about this makes me really sad. This guy has given you absolutely nothing to worry about. Trust him he sounds like a good guy.

    • I don't know I guess I just find it weird that in the whole week in a half he's been back there was only one day he is available to see me and when I cancel he can't find another time to see me. To me if you're really into someone shouldn't you be trying to make plans as soon as possible. He has not mentioned the next date he's avaiable, just i'll make it up to you.

    • Also what bothers me is he has not asked me how I am, all he's texted me in three weeks has been random videos to make me laugh and attemps to make plans

    • Just relax. Everyone is different. He may think that he's doing the right thing. For example I know a girl who loves me to death but when I first met her she a Ignored my text messages and bailed on several dates. It wasn't that she didn't like me she knew me and knew I had a lot of female friends and thought I was a player and all of the nonsense was just her being scared and unsure. This guy may be the same way. I always try to give people the benefit of the doubt until proven guilty. Just relax and try to think positive about this guy otherwise you'll bring that negative outcome that you fear into existence.

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  • His mum is having surgery, which has got to be pretty stressful for him. Give him a break and wait till his mum recovers from the surgery alright before worrying about going on another date with him.