Hot girls, what makes you go for a "normal guy" vs a hot guy?

Is it because he got you good in bed or you just consider your self a "normal girl"


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  • I wouldn't say I was hot,
    but if I was going for a guy that I wasn't attracted to physically, then it would be personality wise.
    Most of my friends who I'm jealous of for their looks usually go with the playful type. The kind with a good sense of humour and can just be... playful I guess. I'm not meaning the kind in bed, but the kind of guy a girl can genuinely laugh easily around.
    But be aware that most guys are friend zoned this way.
    Average can easily be considered hot if you have the personality.


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  • All girls want someone who shows they care and listen to her. If you're a genuine guy who treats her like he should you'll have whoever you want. Hot guys might have looks but they usually treat girls like shit so if that's what she's use to, a guy that listens will steal her heart.

  • Probably humour. At least, its a big part of the attractiveness of a guy. If someone can make me laugh, whether it be their personal adorable awkwardness or their ability to think of a joke/pun on the spot, their allure increase ten times.
    Attractive guys can also be buttheads, but I guess some girls like that.
    In the beginning of a relationship, being good in bed is never really obvious, so I highly doubt its that.

  • What you see as normal they may see as handsome.


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