Why is "I like you" so ambiguous?

After making out a girl said she "liked" me but said she takes time to figure out if she wants to date. I didn't say how I felt and she just kind of blurted it out.

We're both free to go about our lives so there's no hangups there.

I just don't know what "like" means in this context. Does it mean she only likes me as a friend? Not sure about dating until we can spend more time together (I'm on a consulting assignment and away for the next six months)? Likes me like she "likes" Facebook pictures? One friend theorized she "likes" me but is waiting for me to make a move.

I know it's near impossible for anyone to give the right answer as I wouldn't know if it's right or wrong anyway. Just looking for different interpretations of what "I like you" could mean.


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  • She likes you as in finds you attractive and likes talking to u etc

  • Were just waiting for you to say something or do something or its a compliment.


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