What should about this girl I like who just broke up with her boyfriend?

I really like this girl.. I told her a couple days ago that i like her. She just broke up with her boyfriend i think yesterday or today. Nevertheless her and i and other friends are going out tonite. How do i persue my intentions with out being a rebound? and How do i know if she is interested in me more than friends?


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  • I wouldn't pursue them too hard tonight. That's a pretty recent break up. Be sweet and pay a lot of attention to her specifically, but don't do overly flirty things unless she starts it (and even then I'd be careful). If her last relationship was serious, you probably have a while to slowly turn things up, which should also give you a chance to feel out if she's interested in you or not.

    • thank you... She acted really different yesterday in a good way... Like she took a lot pics of herself with her friend on my phone and videos... I also took a pic with everyone lastnite and didn't ask her... She asked to take a pic with me at the end of the time... I flirted with her a little here and there but not to much

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