Is it good or bad if the first time a guy kisses you, he uses a lot of tongue and only tongue, and keeps going at it?

I kissed a guy at the end of our 2nd date, and to my disappointment, the only move he had was tongue... over and over again. It was a bit to wet, he took no breaks, and I couldn't even really feel it or enjoy it. Yet he was having a great time? Do guys find that kind of kissing pleasurable?

He was a little tipsy, but is that a good enough excuse for him? I was starting to like him, but now I feel a little put off.

The next time, I was thinking of just pulling back every time he uses to much tongue, and only lip kiss for a while, go in for some tongue, then back to lip kissing. Also, can I tell him to make it less wet -- would a guy get offended by that? "I like kissing you but can you make it less wet?"


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  • Well him kissing you this aggressively certainly indicates that he likes you. I assure you of that.

    I don't feel he needs an excuse for kissing you this way. He likely wanted to kiss you this way, and simply went ahead with it.

    Next time you guys are together, you could make an effort to mention the 2nd date. Talk about how you really had a good time with this guy (which you did, so you're not lying), but also make a point to mention how you don't like to be kissed so aggressively. Reassure him that you want to kiss him again, just a little bit differently. If you end the date by kissing him, and kissing him in the way you want to kiss him, you won't break his ego nor will he have any ill feelings about how you made him feel. And if he's a decent guy, he will not make the mistake of attacking you with his tongue when kissing you again.


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  • Sounds like he either does not know how to go about his ways with a woman or he's used to women who do that sort of thing. Or maybe he's careless enough to be that excessive, you know? Little bit tipsy, you would think someone know's what they're doing unless they can't handle their alcohol.
    And honestly, it depends on the person. Some like it, some don't. But it sounds like you two don't have a bond when it comes to this.


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  • If he uses that much tongue then I think he is just trying to get into your pants.