Should I still call him & hang out with him?

there is this guy at work that i did not talk to. I honestly did not find him attractive and one time he was kind mean to me so i never tried talking to him again. A few weeks ago we happened to start a conversation out of the blue we immediately click and everything seem very friendly, playful and flawy. He would do anything i wanted, like i told him to stop parking at my spot and he stopped, i told him to send me emailed and so he started doing, i told him to stop chewing his pen and he did, etc etc, So he would even tell me he enjoy our little conversations, he liked when i yell at him lol. He even offered to give me a ride when i couldn't drive due a panic attack. This week my supervisor asked us both individually why we were talking all th time, so he told me he had stopped talking to me so much because of that. Now he ignores me all the time, he doesn't answer me. i asked him yesterday if he wanted to hang out on the weekend he said yes. Today i asked him if he was still up for Saturday and he said yes. When it was almost time to leave i asked himf or his number and he wrote it n a paper and told me to come get it instead of getting up to handle it to. At the end of the day i got close i took the number.. call him, he smiled when he saw my call, then he asked me who else was going? i was like what? i like him, so I don't know what to do now, i do not want to invite nobody else obviously, pls help me guys!!!


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