The guy has a busy schedule is it possible for him to have a committed relationship?

I have this guy that I've been talking to you for a while to schedule is really hectic is going to school working and lately we haven't hung out that often and then when he finally text me and then he stops texting back. Has he lost interest or is he still interested or just and tired

If your not interested in a girl would you even bother to text her back and tell her your plans


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  • Give him a day or so and then ask him about it. Right now, I'm in a spot where I can definitely see both sides of the situation. My guy is busy for 12 hours a day, and half the time he's available, I'm not. Add in some serious distance between us, and you have a recipe for not much "us time". However, we both make it a priority to talk to each other every day, even if it's just 10 minutes at midnight. That's just what works for us.
    On the other hand, my best friend and I can go a couple days without saying much at all. It's not that we don't care about each other, it's just how we are. She knows I'm an introvert and can keep to myself if she's busy for a day or two, and sometimes that's just what happens. We both know that we'll talk again soon.
    What really matters is that you and this guy are both happy with how much you talk and see each other. Right now, at least 1 of you isn't happy. Talk to him and see if y'all can work out a way to talk a bit more. Even if you can't, at least he knows how you feel about it, and you'll get a better idea of whether he's interested or not.

    • This is brand new there aren't any titles with us yet. We knew each other for six years before anything happened between us. He responded when i texted him that if he was free next week if dont get a respnd ill take it as a no. Andi had fun hanging and talking to him. By him texting back his schedule does it mean that he is still interested

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  • well i would say i have a busy life. i work full time, go to my classes and the gym and learning to play guitar and i think i still have time to make a committed relationship happen. if im truly interested in the girl and i want to be with her then i will make time, there is nothing that can stop me and no excuse i would want to make.

    • How often would you text the person if your schedule got more hectic or spend time with the person

    • i would text often if i liked her a lot. ill always find a way to make time because she is that important to me.

  • It really depends. Could be an on-off thing where he enjoys your company but he either doesn't recognise it as something beyond that, or he's not ready to commit.

    For instance there was a period I was just casually hanging out with this girl once or twice over a couple of months, and only to realise one day that she was viewing it entirely different.


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