Why does he keep trying with me when I told him "I am not into players"?

This guy is so annoying. I called him out and said "I don't date players" "You're a player" etc. He keeps denying he is one, but he definitely is. He won't let up though! He keeps on trying to date me, when I told him I am not into booty calls, and I am not that type that sleeps around with different guys! And I am not into players! Lol. I don't understand why he keeps trying. If I was him I would quit trying cause I would figure that she is not that type and she figured me out anyways, and it would be useless lol. So why does he keep trying to go out with me when I figured him out and called him out on being a player? Any opinions? Thank you! :)


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  • Well a criminal certainly won't tell you he is one.

    But anyway, these guys seem like the type to just well... annoy all women and are clueless to it. They think they're "so hot" or "all that" and that you merely having a chance to look at them is some sort of privilege.

    Once he's done trying to "get you" he's probably off annoying another girl. So he's basically just gonna annoy the shit outta everyone until one opens her legs.


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  • 1. One of the strongest traits of a player is that they are self motivated, well thought & reason being they never quit
    2. A player is obsessed with his / her ego more than anything else. Flat out refusal only makes their will stronger
    3. It is the acquisition and later control that makes them feel fulfilled from time to time - which is why even after they've acquired the target they'll want the target around to toy with
    4. Your calling someone a player on the face doesn't help in anything but steel his grit and determination further - they / he believes that the bigger (tougher they seem) they are the harder they fall & unfortunately that logic is sound only with very scarce exceptions
    5. He will never back down unless something drastic and public is done about him - but that is only a possibility, cause it can always go eitherway :-)

    • Uh oh... lol! I just made him stronger, huh? See I thought by me telling the truth that "I am not into players" Would deter him cause obviously I figured him out and I am not easily manipulated, but I guess that somehow makes the guy think it's a "challenge". Well then I guess i'm screwed haha.

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    • Remember it's inside you. Don't try to get at him, understand yourself and play yourself right :-) good luck

    • Yeah you're right! Thanks :))

  • He knows a certain number of girls will give in, even after they tell him they know he is playing them!

  • Simple. It's because he's a player and he thinks he still has a shot. He probably thinks your playing hard to get. Fucking hit him next time. Haha

    • Lol, yeah! Well obviously if I call him out, he doesn't have a shot. If I was him, I would stop, cause I would figure it's useless to keep trying with a girl that keeps pointing out that I am a "player" And if she is not into that, then I would just be like "Ok, move on to the next one!" Haha. I don't understand it! But your answer sounds about right! Thank you! :)

  • You can not hit a home run unless you swing the bat!

    • I'm stupid... you are going to have to explain what that means in my situation hahaha! Thank you! :))

    • Just like in baseball you have to swing the bat to hit a home run. If you don't swing the bat you will never hit a home run.
      He keeps asking (swinging the bat) and maybe you'll get tired of saying no & say OK

    • Oh I see! Yeah you're right! I like that analogy! Thanks! :)

  • Perhaps he wants a relationship from you?

    • Maybe. He's a player though, I just don't get it, cause if I was a player and I was trying to get with a girl, but she kept on telling me "You're a player" and "I don't date players" Then I would be like "Ok, move on to the next one" Cause she figured me out lol. I would figure there is no chance with her since she knows "my game" Could be possible! Thank you for commenting! :)

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  • Because you are challenge for him now.

    • It's been well over a year though! Wouldn't you just find it annoying that someone keeps resisting? It may be a "challenge" at first, but then when someone continually resists and rejects you, wouldn't you just be annoyed and be like "fuck it" lol. I see what you mean though, but I guess I just don't get how I am that "appealing" considering I keep rejecting him lol. Thanks girl! :)

  • His ego is bruised he is probably used to girls falling at his feet even the girls that know he is taken