Best way to tease a ''geeky" dude so he can initiate?

OK so if I had to describe my bf I would say 'geeky ' or 'dorky' but its so cute ! The most sweetest guy I met !
Anyway I'm pretty tired of initiate everything like first kiss etc. I have a big feeling he is still a virgin too but he's telling me he ain't.
I'm pretty outgoing/party type of girl and all but I really want to do it with him without me initiating.
What's the best way to tease him and get him in the mood
I've been with him for 3 month , its cute and all I like him but it does get boring not going further.

And please don't say initiate it yourself I don't want to that's why I'm asking you guys.

Hmm maybe a lap-dance or would it scare him off,
Put out my erotic dance moves?
Dress up in some outfit?
i don't know help guys!!

Esp shy , geeky dudes what would get you to jump out and initiate and be dominant?
We don't really go that far since his pretty shy and all.


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  • What does it matter who initiates it as a male virgin I would say I would not be confident enough to initiate sex with someone new at least if we were dating I just might walk into your bedroom naked cause I am horny as can be sometimes. Maybe he is scared to admit it he's a virgin you sound like someone who has literally done it all calling him sweet I imagine you are very experienced and expect him to be like the other players. Walk into my room naked and I would be game in about 30 seconds time. Finding someone is hard just do it already lol

    • We ain't new we are bf/gf 3 months back but dated during uni semester before we became official. I am not 'very ' experienced but its hard to read what he wants since his far from the 'player' type I used to roll with.
      But I am tryna not initiate tho
      But wanna get him to initiate

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    • If all else fails I'll probs initiate myself. I'd stay with him regardless I'm not just down for sex to run back to players. if I was I would've slept with someone already during the 7 months I've been seeing him.
      I was just wondering about ideas to get him to initiate.

    • You sound like a loyal women that's good stuff. Good luck I hope it all works out and he climbs on top of you while your asleep :)

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  • Depends how "geeky".. cosplay could work.. if he's not initiating then a lap dance or something like that might make him nervous or have an oposite effect.. i too am shy and rarely am the first to make a move.. but when i do its when im comfortable. And its usually not so much a dominate or agressive role. More so passionate (which can be kinda agressive) but more on an intimate level. And if its only been 3 months maybe that raw passion isn't there yet to be tapped into. And the virgin thing might also be a factor. But either way i wouldn't push it with erotic dance moves or the lap dance thing. Might straight up scare the guy into thinking he has no idea what to do in that situation (if he's shy or introverted or inexperienced) i could talk for days on this topic lol

    • He is pretty geeky, well I do know he loves cosplay , thanks by the way :)
      Its around 7 months actually
      4 months of sorta dating and 3 months official.

  • I think just hugging him and smiling around him would help a lot. Take things VERY slowly unless he shows some initiative. Geeky guys tend to be more socially awkward when it comes to intimacy.

    • I do cuddle him and all , I've taken it pretty slowly we became bf/gf 3 month back but were dating sorta while semester was still running. When you mean slow how slow do you mean?

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    • Yup I've tried that last week but he became shaky and made an excuse to head out

    • Sounds like he's just not ready for physical contact just yet.

      My dad beat on me when I was a kid. It made me very uncomfortable with being touched by anyone, even family. Girls were completely out of the question. I'm over it now, but I can't say it hasn't affected me.

      I think something happened, but don't just assume I'm right. Get him to open up to you. Learn more about him. The two of you will grow closer that way. If you two don't end up staying together, you'll both have a lifelong friend.

  • My gf hugging kissing and touching me while I was gaming is how she got me recently. Could focus on the game so I turned it off, took her to bed, and initiated sexual activities. You do not have to lap dance. Sometimes a simple touch will work just fine.

  • Try cosplay?
    If he into that and all
    Since his shy u should take it slow and all
    Do something and slowly fasten the pace

  • "I have a big feeling he is still a virgin too?"

    -You make it sound like everyone isn't one, like every guy your age at least. Girl, he's not a shy geeky person, your just a horny toad who wants sex to much. Wait for sex till marriage like every one else.

    • You sound like an angry virgin chill out. I do agree she sounds like she's been around but that's how you learn aka experience. I'd be down to learn but nobody feels the same way

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    • Boy please , most i've seen aren't and yes I do know there are some who are. its not like its some hookup I've been with him for some time anyway.
      Experience doesn't mean break ups , you just don't know about experience so don't go assuming hun.

    • It's called, you date a different person over and over again and the experience you end up getting is how to break up and not stay together. I've seen it a million times.

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