Have you guys ever had a relationship with a low self-esteem girl/woman?

If you've been in a relationship with a low-confidence girl/woman, do you regret it? I already know most men prefer a woman with confidence for various reasons. But I want to know if you regret a relationship with a girl/woman that has low self-esteem. Or how much of a burden that relationship may have been. Please and thank you.


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  • I have and it was tough. I can understand why people have low self esteem from time to time. But what
    I found was that it sucked the life out of me. The girls I was seeing expected me to carry her baggage as
    well as mine and blamed everyone but herself for her feeling about this. I left her because it was an emotional roller coaster that I couldn't deal with. At some point a person needs to get over it or miss out
    on many opportunites and potentially good relationships.

    • Thank you. I'm glad you were the first person to comment on my first question. This was helpful, and in a way, reassuring to what I had originally imagined. Hopefully she's doing well now and hopefully so are you. Thank you again.

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  • Yes and her message response time is in SECONDS and expect mine to be in seconds.

    At first I was trying to be the good guy and lifted her self-esteem but once I did I was basically the IV drip to her confidence and in-comes the barrage of stuff.

    It became too much and I distanced myself away from her cos HER life was slowly becoming MY life and I can't do jack.

    • Thanks for answering. I really expected this but I needed to be sure. It was nice to know you tried at the least. But some, maybe even most, low self-esteem women need to learn some things. Again, thanks for replying and hopefully you find that great person if you hadn't already.

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