My boyfriend keeps pushing me away, tried to talk many times and I broke up with him now but still didn't react, why?

im 23 and he's 37 he's divorced and has a kid.. he said he loves me so do i , but one day we argued and since that day? no talkin he said u'r hitting on sensitive cords i said we need to talk about ur behavior of being too needy and since that day? no talkin i kno he's bein busy bein a man in his cave because guys are more like wrkin ut things thn talkin it out as women ! but it has been so long.. and i broke up with him? didn't change anythin :( what should i do now? i need to get him back, i luv him


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  • You need sit down talk things over with him if he refuses
    than you know least you tried. If he comes through wants
    sit down and talk find out what's making him feel this way.
    He got a kid plus he's divorced but just one slight argument
    through him off the edge with he seems to have a temper
    of bit i think your best to give him some time to come around
    if he fails to do so than you know you tried don't go chasing him
    let him come around to you but give him some time.

    • mmm i can see that! so even if i broke up to put some preasure to make him talk and didn't react back to me.. i should give it time? he won't be like she broke up so moving on?

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    • i'd ask u again to elaborate this for me lol if thats allright? thank u

      "when a man
      walks away from a argument without working
      things out as long as things aren't physical
      but just verbal he is showing his weaknesses"

    • Say he walks away without coming to conclusion of argument
      say it was just verbal arguing , i would think a man is showing
      his weaknesses

  • Sorry to hear..

    How long has it been since you broke up with him?

    Wait a little longer and see what happens. Maybe you said or did something that upset him. Our pride 'will' get in the way of things..

    • just did yesterday.. he pisses me off ! he acts like a 4 years old kid !

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    • depends on what exactly? what makes u think he's gonna get back n talk?

    • It depends on how bad the situation is.

      Idk, but i am just assuming. If he loves you still he will come back.

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