Holy crap I never messaged him back! Will he be mad at me?

I went on a date with this guy yesterday, and I wound up getting sick afterwards. I never got a chance to tell him I wasn't feeling well. Will he be mad that he messaged me fairly early and I never answered back?


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  • Just explain to him that you weren't feeling so good and you hadn't noticed your phone go off.
    Seriously, he can't be mad at you if you were only trying to look after yourself :P

    • Thanks for MH! How'd it go?

    • really well. He felt bad that I was sick :) I'm so happy guys actually understand that kind of thing

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  • Just be open and honest with people. We can't always respond to people immediately, life is too complex for that to always be the case.

    If you find out he is mad about it then that's a red flag and I'd advise not continuing with him. However, most likely he won't mind. Just shoot him a response today instead. Have fun :)

  • Just say you are sorry for not responding and why. It will be fine I am sure.

  • Tell him the truth, you were sick. I'm sure he'd understand. :) Even if he was feeling upset or annoyed, he'd be feeling pretty silly for himself after you told him what really happened.


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