How should I bring this up to him?

Facebook was one thing that was causing problems in our relationship. So a few months ago we both deactivated it. I saw he still had th app on his phone so I said since we don't use it let's just delete the app. Well we both did and it kinda seemed like he didn't want to when I brought it up. He didn't say anything but I could just tell. Well I looked in his apps last nihht and I noticed it was installed again. I was gonna bring it up to him tonight. I have trust issues and that's why I wanted us to both delete ours. We have been dating for a little over a year and he gets mad cuz I don't trust him. Seeing he downloaded it again makes it harder for me to trust him even more. Why would he lie about it and couldn't stay off of it? And how should I bring this up to him?


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  • I agree with @bleedingheart111 , if you can't trust the guy, then.. Maybe he isn't the right guy for you.

    BUT.. It's possible that Facebook is one of the default apps that is installed on his phone by default, which may mean that he can't actually uninstall it without modifying his phone. :S

    • How would I know if that's the case? I saw him Uninstall it. Is there still a way it maybe didn't all the way?

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    • Thanks. And yes let's hope not my throat kinda hurts today and I know if he's been on it it will only make it worse ; P

    • Ok so I looked and I know one I uninstalled so he must of had two on his phone cuz this one only says update or open. Nothing about uninstalling. Do you think it was already pre installed?

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  • Well he might be unwilling to uninstall it. Maybe he had more Facebook friends then you realised and hence it's more painful for him to leave Facebook than you could ever imagine.

    Personally I wouldn't uninstall it even if my gf asked me to. I'll try to negotiate for a compromise. If she doesn't accept any compromise, that's a red flag for me.


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  • You shouldn't be with someone you can't trust, and who went behind your back to do something he knew you didn't want. I'd just break it off. Obviously there's someone better out there for you