Girls, how can I overcome my shyness with women?

I've gotten dates from online dating but i haven't been successful in awhile. I never approached a woman in my life and want to start now. How can i get over this fear? Thanks


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  • Just start talking to women in an open ended manner in a relaxed setting, be at work or any other place. Don't necessarily walk up to them expecting to make an offer and either get accepted or denied, that just gives you unneeded anxiety. You want to come across as friendly with a little flirty, the latter being carried out as not necessarily expecting an offer.

    • Makes perfect sense. Thank you

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  • Just try and look for that special someone. Their out there. But don't go to a bar. Look for a friend first then maybe if you feel something take that next step. Everyone has a special someone. Just find yours.

    • I dont want to get friendzoned

    • You won't if you just search for a friend first then if you think they're the one. Go for it. Don't worry about friendzone. You wanted to find someone. Just be yourself.

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  • If you have money to travel, I suggest you just go to Thailand for 2 weeks, go to the girl bars or a soapy place (choose a city called Pattaya) and just do everything you've always been too scared to try. Take out lots of girls or the same girl over and over and just work off your fears.

    By the end you will be a seasoned pro and not be so scared anymore.