Would of the following would you prefer being asked to , by someone you like from work? Is it ok to mention a list you can both choose from?

(I asked this on guy behavior but have decided i want everyones opinion ;-)

Would you prefer asked to : hike, historical site, science center, paint balling, park, museum, maze, botanical garden, swimming, movie?

Or other except anything involving eating.

This is by a Girl / Guy you like, but are not dating.

She likes you too, but its not a date. just a pre date hang out. getting used to each other outside of work setting -- casual.

Is it awful to give a list?

Id like it. I do not like when a guy says he is doing something do i want to come, bc if i do not like it i have to reject his idea. and if he'd given more options we could bypass that. It pus unnecessary pressure on me to worry about his feelings so early on and or him getting the wrong ida thinking i'm under handedly rejecting 'him' not the activity.

Or in the event I do it anyhow but am uncomfortable then it does not go well.

Anyhow i like a more interactive approach. Where we can both be making the decision so no one feels responsible for how things go good or bad.. its a joint effort. but thats me.

I would like the choices and would like getting a broader view of stuff he likes to do... but I don't know about other people liking it?

imo, more choice more chance of hitting something we both like. i dont want us doing something one of us does out of obligation not bc they like it just bc we like each other. we will be more comfortable if its interesting for both of us...

I would be up for any of the list fairly equally.

Thank you for your input:)

Actually im thinking more and more the maze. its structured within flexible bc you're lost. you are semi alone. in the middle of the botanical garden so its beautiful. walking helps with nervous energy and is a plus if you like moving;)


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  • If it's with a girl that I like, but don't know too well then MAZE!
    She'd be lost with me and we're gonna have to spend time together and talk.
    Win-Win for me!


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  • Paintballing would be awesome, but a movie would be too.
    I just like them both, I mean, paintballing is awesome for building trust with eachother. A movie is awesome if you just want to feel close and be affectionate with someone :P

  • Sweetheart, i'm going to be the cynical sourpuss who gets all the down arrows today.

    Never, ever, ever get romantically involved with a co-worker. Period, end of story.

    • Yes, Master Roark is right. Don't shit where you eat.

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    • lol thats ok. its not someone from work. its just not a stranger and i wanted to convey we know each other enough to know we like each other without giving personal details that someone somewhere might recognize... so no worries. not work. not school :)

      but thanks:)

    • No biggie, grasshopper, and in my day we also said don't get your honey where you get your money

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