Guys! When your really quiet around a girl do you like her? And why would you stare at her if you say you don't like her?

This guy I work with that I kinda like we've known eachother for a while.. He told my friend that he might have seen a connection with me and him but I never did anything about it.. And he recently told my other friend that he wants to talk to me less because he doesn't like me.. Which I really don't understand because why would he say he might have seen a connection between us.. He also stares at me a lot but there blank stares.. I always catch him staring at me and sometimes he turns away quickly and then other times he'll just look directly at me.. But then won't look in my eyes when we talk he looks at the floor and we rarely talk he's really quiet around me but he talks to everyone else


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  • Maybe it's because he was waiting for you to make the first move. Since he told the friend their might be a connection then he knew the friend was going to tell you and he probably was waiting for you to say or suggest something. He may still like you even though he lost interest. If he stares and stuff then he probably still things about you.

  • If a guy suddenly loses his cool when near a specific girl he isn't related to, like he suddenly drops his game for a moment, he is probably very into her.

    I think he likes you.


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