For women only. Would you date me to see if the chemistry was right to eventually get married?

Description: I'm black. Brown skin. A little darker than light skin. 5'4". Weigh 170lbs. Not ugly but not the most handsome man according to some women. Medium build with a little pot belly. Not fat. Dress decently. Groomed. Clean cut. Good hygiene. Dark brown eyes and hair.

Cons: I have clinical depression that includes anxiety issues and a lack of motivation. I manage the the depression but I am challenged by it. I have herpes and a pre-ejaculation problem. I'm confident in things I'm strong in but not with things I'm weak in. I have no taste in clothes and have a female friend to help me shop.

Pros: I am loving, caring, thoughtful, loyal, faithful, resourceful, trust worthy, respectful, nice, kind, reliable, helpful, silly at times, dependable, understanding, patient to a certain point, I try to improve, I put my all in all relationships I'm in with a woman, I try to treat my woman like a queen, I am willing to improve, I have a sense of humor, I accept a women for her, I like to hang out, I am willing to try new things depending on what it is, I'm a simple man (as in not complicated), I am layed back yet I get excited about certain things. I'm kind hearted, soft hearted, extremely good friend, I'm good at my job. I'm good at loving a woman once I have those feelings for her. And above all I am a Christian.

Would you date me to see if the chemistry was right to eventually get married?


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  • Many women would, you just have to come out of your shell and learn to dress yourself instead of somebody shopping for you. There are tons of women in similar situations, or tons of women who are very understanding, you just gotta find one.

    • I understand

    • Thanks for most helpful.
      Just wanted to add, for the clothes. Go with your friend a few times, ask her why the things she picks suit you, and learn about your body shape and what kind of cut or whatever you suit in clothes.
      Good luck with everything.

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  • Yes. Find a woman with a similar situation and you'll be fine. You have plenty of good qualities

  • You would have been right if it wasn't for the clinical depression and herpes. But yes, as the poster below suggested, you can find a woman in your similar situation.


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