Is dating too fast and burning out a thing?

Is it really true that you have to pace a relationship?

I heard that you shouldn't go out as often as possible, even if you could, because that would be way too fast at the start of a relationship, and the relationship will end up being of a lower quality than one that went slow and steady.

And it's not just about the frequency of going out either. I also heard that we shouldn't do all the exciting stuff in one shot. Instead do it over a long stretch of time. Put the boring dates as filler in between the exciting stuff.

Do you think this is wise advise?


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  • I have heard people talk about this, yes. I've also heard people talk about strategies like "leave them wanting more".
    Thing is, you hear about these things because they really do work SOMEtimes.
    That doesn't mean they'll work EVERY time though.
    Me, personally, I don't really follow "rules" like that. If I like someone, I like them. If we want to talk or hang out, we just do. We don't really worry about if it's too much or not enough, we just go with the flow and enjoy what we enjoy.

    • I see I see.. I find it quite hard to force myself to adhere to the advice (or rules). I would love to go with the flow sometimes, but more like, being okay with weird ideas for dates when they just happen to occur. It could be just me though, I prefer to go about things with at least a plan, including dating lol.

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    • It's okay... on the bright side I had a single response. :)

    • Still a bummer... here's another bump :-)

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