Is it common for a player to deliberately confuse the girl they are seeing?

I was seeing a player and he confused me a lot. Basically suggested he was incredibly interested and liked me very much, but also threw in that we aren't exclusive and that I have the freedom to seek out other guys.

Huge mixed signals.

When I broke it off with him he said he was happy he didn't lead me on because he told me he didn't think we should date anymore. He seemed to be quite proud of himself and didn't think he did anything wrong.

I texted him telling him he really did lead me on and evidence why, as well as why I'm cutting contact. He argued for a bit and said some douchey things that were uncalled for.

Then a couple hours later texted me saying I hurt and attacked him. Saying it isn't cut and dry that he wanted to date me. Basically came off as a guy who liked me very much but was confused, but I was the mean girl who didn't respect him and cut him off rudely.

Is this common player behavior? I felt he just wanted to keep me around and didn't like the idea of me leaving him, because I was a potential prospect for sex.

I'm not giving him a second chance. But I'm just wondering if this is behavior that players commonly exhibit.

He was also an extremely sweet talker. Very slick and loved doing physical stuff like touching me a lot and kissing me. Tried to push for more constantly but I wasn't dumb enough to allow it.

I think he confused me and gave me mixed signals to put himself in the clear to talk to other women while stringing me along. Am I right?


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  • thats what players are good at... confusing girls and than tricking them into things they wouldn't do with a non player... Signs to this would be if he shows a lot of interest in you than the next day he acts like you don't exist if there is a pattern here watch out... they do this to make you chase them... and the trick is to not chase them, play hard to get... And that is how to play a player

    • Good, I played hard to get. Never chased him. And dumped him but his ego didn't seem to like that

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  • Of course he's a player, that much is obvious. I don't know how common this sort of behavior is, but I can see why he came off as confused to you; players are confused by definition.

  • does player mean pimp wanna be


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  • Players trick you, period. Not worth the mind games. Either play with it or move on