Staring and trying to get a girls attention even when he is dating me!!?

My boyfriend acts immature. We were recently at the pool and he was trying to get this girls attention. I was tanning... so I wasn't with him.


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  • If you want to give him the benefit of the doubt, then you could say that he just wants to know someone else could want him for a confidence, or he's a player and you should be worried.

    • We have been together for almost 3 years. We both know this girl and I know he thinks she is hot. So with him doing that it hurts me. And it goes back to the immature thing. I mean do you do that? While being in a relationship, you try and get another girls attention?

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    • Okay. Thank you.

    • Happy to try to help, good luck to you!

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  • If it looks like a player and acts like a douchebag... Does he do any other sketchy things? That sounds extremely stupid.

    • No actually he is far from a player and he isn't a douchebag... well with this one thing he is. No he doesn't really do any other sketchy things. It is stupid. Do you do that or do you just glance and get on with it? Do you try and get there attention?

    • I wouldn't try to get their attention if I'm dating someone, that's stupid.

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  • How did he flirt with her? Maybe it wasn't a big deal to him.

    • Just like when we went to the pool and this girl was at the slide.. well he goes to the slide with his sister and cousin and starts slashing at them, talking louder, and then he always glanced at her to see if she was looking. Just stuff like that.

  • So what are you asking us? If you feel the need to drop him then do it